Privacy and Security
Your idea data is private and we do the following to help keep it that way:

All data are stored in encrypted form on our servers.
Access to any data is limited to key operational employees. These employees keep the
sync service running, but are strictly prohibited from ever accessing idea data unless
legally required to do so.
We help guard against breaches by requiring strong passwords and two-factor
authorization for all administrative accounts.

Private-key Encryption
In 2016, we will develop and provide full private-key encryption on the server for our
soon-to-be released 2.0 iOS and Android apps. Our encryption features will utilize the
user’s private key to encrypt all entries before they reach the server. In short, the server
will have no access to the user’s unencrypted data.

Our Servers
Your idea data is stored on Google servers using the same infrastructure trusted by many
of the best apps and services on the Internet. (See Google FAQs for more information.)

We are committed to making sure you can export your data. IdeaSwipe ideas can
currently be exported in the following formats: plain text, HTML and we are working on
integrating to many idea management systems.

Data Deletion
You can delete your IdeaSwipe data at any time. Doing so will delete your idea data
permanently from our servers.

Contact Us
If you have any questions, need some help, or would like to leave feedback about
IdeaSwipe, contact us. We’d love to hear from you!